Heading 2017 Flights & Figures

1)Sailor from GA to CA to see family 2)Soldier from Qatar to TX to see family 3)Airman from Alaska to TN for funeral 4)Soldier in Korea to TX for birth of baby 5)Marine in HI to CO for funeral 6)Airman in TX to PA for funeral 7)Soldier being honored in IL 8)Sailor in VA to OH for funeral 9)Sailor in CA to FL for sister's wedding 10)Marine in NC to MO for funeral 11-25)Marines to IL to lay fellow Marine to rest 26)Sailor in NV to TX to see family 27)Airman from CO to IN for wedding 28)Marine in AS to GA for graduation 29)Sailor in MD to CA 30)Soldier in TX to MO for funeral 31) Sailor from VA to CA for funeral 32)Soldier in VA to CA for graduation 33) Sailor in CA to TX  34)Soldier in TX to MO for funeral 35)Marine in RI to Japan 36)Marine chaparone RI to Japan 37)Soldier in Poland to GA birth of baby 38)Soldier to CA for emergency 39)Airman in Italy home to marry fiance 40)Airman to FL for funeral 41)Sailor to CA for funeral 42)Marine to CA for Christmas 43)Soldier from CO to WA for emergency 44)Soldier in Poland to TN for birth of baby 45)Marine in AZ to GA to say goodbye 46)Soldier in HI to CO say goodbye 47)Airman from NC to AR for holidays 48)Airman toOH for wedding 49)Sailor from LA to TX to see ill mother 50)Airman from Korea to LA for anniversary 51)Sailor to HI for funeral 52)Soldier from Turkey to WV for Christmas 53) Soldier from NC to CA to be with daughter 54)Marine in CA to FL for funeral 55)Soldier from IA to TX pre-deployment 56)Sailor from CA to NC for Christmas 57)Soldier from GA to CO for Christmas 58)Soldier in TX to IA for Christmas 59)Soldier to PA for funeral 60)Marine returning to Japan after attending funeral in OH 61) Soldier in Kuwait for birth of child 62)Marine in Brazil to FL to be with daughter 63)Soldier in TN to FL for Thanksgiving 64)Airman in NM to AR for Christmas 65)Marine in Japan to MO for Christmas 66)Sailor to TX for Christmas 67)Sailor to NY for Christmas 68)Marine to OH from CA 69)Soldier to GA for Christmas 70)Soldier to CA for Christmas 71) Soldier to TN for Christmas 72)Soldier to TX for Christmas 73)Soldier to MI for Christmas 74)Soldier to IL for Christmas 75)Soldier to CA for Christmas 76) Soldier to Ala for Christmas 77)Soldier to GA for Christmas 78)Soldier to TX for Christmas 79)Soldier to GA for Christmas 80)Soldier to CA for Christmas 81)Soldier to IL for Christmas 82)Soldier to FL for Christmas 83)Soldier to NY for Christmas 84)Soldier to IL for Christmas 85)Soldier to CA for Christmas 86)Soldier to GA for Christmas 87)Soldier to NE for Christmas 88)Soldier to TX for Christmas 89)Soldier to NY for Christmas 90)Soldier to CA for Christmas 91)Soldier to CA for Christmas 92)Soldier to MI for Christmas 93)Soldier to CA for Christmas 94)Soldier to FL for Christmas 95)Soldier to TX for Christmas 96)Soldier to CO for Christmas 97)Sailor to SC from CA for Christmas 98)Soldier in TX to DC for Christmas 99)Soldier to KS for Christmas 100)Soldier to CO from HI for Christmas 101)Sailor from WA to FL for Christmas 102)Soldier from VA to CA for Christmas 103)Soldier from  VA to TX for emergency 104)Sailor from VA to FL for Christmas 105)Sailor from LA to PA for Christmas 106)Soldier in VA to CA for Christmas 107)Soldier in VA to CA for Christmas 108)Soldier in VA to TX for Christmas 109)Soldier in VA to CA for Christmas 110)Soldier in VA to GA for Christmas 111)Soldier in VA to FL for Christmas 112)Soldier in VA to FL for Christmas 113)Soldier in VA to TX for Christmas 114)Soldier in VA to AZ for Christmas 115)Soldier in VA to NY for Christmas 116)Soldier in VA to FL for Christmas 117)Marine in NC to NY for Christmas 118)Marine in NC to AR for Christmas 119)Marine in NC to AR for Christmas 120)Marine in NC to LA for Christmas 121)Marine in NC to NY for Christmas 122)Soldier in VA to MI for Christmas 123)Soldier in VA to A for Christmas 124)Soldier in VA to CA for Christmas 125)Soldier in Germany to TX for Christmas 126)Soldier in CO to FL for Christmas 127)Sailor from CA to VA for Christmas 128)Soldier in TX to NY for Christmas 129)Soldier in GA to NC for Christmas.
129 tickets purchased in 2017, 194 total tickets purchased since starting in Feb of 2016. 
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