1. On Line Donations
    You can donate on line via PayPal quickly, securely and conveniently from anywhere in the world! Use the blue donate button at the top of the home page to be linked directly to PayPal.
  2. Donate Through Amazon Smile!
    You can choose Helping Heroes Fly as your charity of choice on Amazon by using their Amazon Smile program. They will donate a percentage of purchases to us if we are your chosen charity ~ at NO cost to you!
  3. Snail Mail
    We are very happy to take your good old fashioned check mailed to our P.O. Box! It's: Helping Heroes Fly P.O. Box 337623 Greeley, CO 80633
  4. In Kind Donations
    Have a great connection to promotional items such as key chains, silicon bracelets or t-shirts with our logo on them? Access to professionally printed brochures? We'd love for donations of that sort. Since we're spending 10% or less on admin costs, we prefer to not spend money on these items at this point.
  5. Prayer Support
    We need all the prayer support we can get! Pray for us on your own, put us on your church prayer chains or even send us an encouraging note! We need all the prayer support we can get! We know where our help comes from and can't do this without God!
  6. Donate Your Capital One Flight Miles!
    You can now donate your Capital One flight miles to HHF through your Capital One credit card website, Select Helping Heroes Fly as your charity of choice and donate a portion of your miles, if you'd like to. We will put them to good use!
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    Shop or sell and support Helping Heroes Fly on eBay. Add us as your Favorite charity on eBay to see us as your preferred charity in eBay checkout. You will also be able to easily donate a portion of your proceeds to us when you sell on eBay AND get some of your seller fees waived and receive the tax credits.
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Our commitment to you;  We value the importance of financial accountability, transparency and excellence in stewardship. Because of this, we offer our donors the following commitments:
*To provide annual financial statements upon request
*To provide tax deductible donation receipts
*To never sell, rent or trade any of our contact information, including email/mailing addresses.

Privacy Policy: We will never sell, rent or trade any of our donor's contact information.

Because Helping Heroes Fly is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization there are no returns on donations.

We THANK YOU for your donations!
We LOVE to recognize and publicly THANK our donors! 

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What your donations did this month...
YOUR generous donations purchased airfare for:

1) 1/1/17 -  Sailor to get from GA to CA to see family
2) 1/6/17 - Soldier will go home to TX from Qatar to see his family
3) 1/7/17 - USAF member to go home to TN from Alaska for funeral.
4) 1/25/17 - Soldier station in Korea going home to TX for birth of first child.
5) 2/3/17 - Marine sationed in HI going home to CO for unexpected death in fam.
6) 2/7/17 - Airman stationed in TX home to PA for grandmother's funeral.
7) 2/8/17 - Soldier wounded in service going home to be honored by town in IL.
8) 2/10/17 - Sailor in VA going home to OH for grandmother's funeral.
9) 2/13/17 - Sailor going home from CA to FL for his sister's wedding.
10) 2/17/17 - Marine in NC going home to MO for grandmother's funeral.
11) 3/1/17 - Marine in MD to attend fellow Marines funeral in IL
12) 3/1/17 - Marine in MD to attend fellow Marines funeral in IL
13) 3/1/17- Marine in MD to attend fellow Marines funeral in IL
14) 3/1/17 - Marine in MD to attend fellow Marines funeral in IL
15) 3/1/17 - Marine in MD to attend fellow Marines funeral in IL
16) 3/1/17 - Marine in MD to attend fellow  Marines funeral in IL
17) 3/1/17 - Marine in MD to attend fellow Marines funeral in IL
18) 3/1/17 - Marine in MD to attend fellow Marines funeral in IL
19) 3/1/17 - Marine in MD to attend fellow Marines funeral in IL
20) 3/1/17 - Marine in MD to attend fellow Marines funeral in IL
21) 3/1/17 - Marine in MD to attend fellow Marines funeral in IL
22) 3/1/17 - Marine in MD to attend fellow Marines funeral in IL
23) 3/1/17 - Marine in MD to attend fellow Marines funeral in IL
24) 3/2/17 - Marine in MD to attend fellow Marines funeral in IL
25) 3/4/17 - Marine in HI to get home to OH for his mom's wedding
26) 3/13/17 - Sailor in NV to get home to TX for pre-birth visit with family
27) 4/25/17 - Airman flying to IN from CO for his wedding!
28) 5/1/17 - Marine flying home from AZ to GA to see his brother's graduation
29) 5/8/17 - Sailor flying home from MD to be with her father in CA
30) 5/8/17 - Soldier flying from TX to MO after a death in the family
31) 5/8/17 - Sailor flying home from CA to OH for grandfather's funeral
32) 5/11/17 - Soldier flying from VA to CA for his sister's graduation
33) 5/19/17 - Sailor in CA going home to TN for pre-deploy visit with wife/daughter
34) 5/20/17 - Soldier in TX going home to MO for grandfathers funeral
35) 6/4/17 - Wounded Marine in RI to attend to family matters in Japan
36) 6/4/17 - Marine Gunnery Sergeant to escort wounded fellow Marine to Japan
37) 6/5/17 - Soldier stationed in Poland to get to GA for birth of first child
38) 7/27/17 - Soldier to get home to his family in CA for emergency.
39) 8/11/17 - Airman stationed in Italy going home to marry his airman fiance
40) 8/15/17 - Airman will fly to Florida for his grandfather's funeral
41) 8/15/17 - Sailor flying home to California to attend his father's funeral
42) 8/22/17 - Marine will travel to San Diego for Christmas with his family
43) 8/22/17 - Soldier getting from CO to WA for emergency family situation
44) 9/6/17 - Soldier stationed in Poland getting to Tennessee for birth of 1st child
45) 9/19/17 - Marine in AZ going to GA to see his grandmother one last time
46) 9/26/17 - Soldier in HI going home to CO to see his grandfather one last time
47) 10/4/17 - Air Force member going from NC or AR for the holidays
48) 10/10/17 - Airman will fly home to OH for his brother's wedding!
49) 10/10/17 - Navy member going from LA to TX to be with ill mother
50) 10/10/17 - Airman going from Korea to LA for early anniversary with wife
51) 10/13/17 - Sailor will fly to Hawaii for her grandmother's funeral
52) 10/17/17 - Soldier will fly home to WV from Turkey for Christmas
53) 10/20/17 - Soldier will fly from NC to be with his daughter in CA

Please use this link to open the application for airfare as a download.
We will do our best to honor each request but because we rely on donors for funding, all COMPLETED applications will be considered first .
 Share our Facebook page with your friends & family to help us spread the word.  Thank you!