Tickets Purchased:
​ 2016 - 2018 =
​              326 Tickets 
​  2019 ~   22 Tickets  
​ Total = 348


 Applications are being accepted but it will be on a "Waiting List" basis.   We will purchase the flights as donations come in and funds become   available. Again, we've been overwhelmed with requests and we'll do   our very best to honor these requests for airfare assistance.

A service provided EXCLUSIVELY for active duty enlisted military men and women only

Our Mission
Our Inspiration
Hopes and Dreams
Our mission is simple. 
We want to provide airfare to enlisted active duty military personnel so that they can be home with their families for holidays, and special occasions when they otherwise can't afford a ticket.
We believe finances should never keep a military hero from being with family!
Our inspiration is the sacrifice our military men and women make for us on a daily basis.
Troops being stuck on base or in a dorm because of finances is heartbreaking and we are determined to try and do something about it!
It is our hope and dream to be able to fulfill every request we get! 
We recognize that can't do and of this without you.

How this works
We operate on a first come, first served basis.  The request will not be considered until a completed application along with proof of active duty US military enlistment, such as a copy of leave approval or military ID is received by Helping Heroes Fly, via email or US mail.
The application will be available on this website  and can be found at the bottom of each page or on the Airfare Application page.  Please complete the application and you will be notified within 24 hours of our receiving it.  We will make every effort to fulfill your travel plans.  
This service will be available to you one trip per person during your military career.  We hope to be able to provide a flight for all who request it, but we rely solely on donations so funds are limited.

Thank you, Ashley Colgate and for the time that you spent with me, learning about Helping Heroes Fly!  I appreciate all tha​t you've done for this organization!

Latest News
  1. 2019
    You Can Help Too!
    We are always excited to hear some of your ideas for fundraising! Here in Northern Colorado we are somewhat limited as to what we can do and who we can reach, so if you have ideas for fundraisers around the country, we would LOVE to hear them! We're certainly open to new and exciting ideas from our partners and friends. Our fundraising is continuous so we are interested in ideas all year long so that we are positioned to help our beloved troops throughout the year ~ not just during the holidays. We love to hear your ideas!
  2. 2019
    Excitement for 2019!
    Some of our upcoming local fundraising events : *Coming in May, Gourmet Grub in Greeley, CO will host a fundraiser for HHF ~ more details to come! *September 14th, 2019 ~ The Evans Area Chamber of Commerce will again host a Sporting Clays Shoot with the proceeds going to HHF. We'll share more information on this later this summer.
  3. 2019
    Strike Force Energy!
    We're so excited to announce that Strike Force Energy has partnered with Helping Heroes Fly! We encourage you to try their products and use the promo code of "HHF" at check-out. You'll receive a 20% discount and support Helping Heroes Fly at the same time with a portion of the proceeds from the purchase. We are so grateful for their support! Visit
  4. 2019
    We LOVE Facebook Fundraisers!
    We are so honored when our supporters set up fundraisers for HHF on their Facebook page. This is an easy way to help spread the word about HHF as well as sharing your birthday or special occasions with your friends and families! We love to see your creative ideas and celebrate your special occasions with you. Thank you for helping us Help our Heroes!
Please use this link to open the application for airfare as a download.


We will do our best to honor each request but because we rely on donors for funding, all COMPLETED  applications will be considered first .

Please note, during high travel seasons, we may need to limit the number of applications accepted per unit or base. Funds are not umlimited and we need to be able to serve all branches of the military


Mail all applications and supporting documents to:                         ​​
                           [email protected]                                              
If we don't respond within a couple of hours please contact us again.