About Helping Heroes Fly
The dream for Helping Heroes Fly is to raise money, primarily through private donations, to provide airfare to enlisted military men and women, enabling them to be home with their families at important times, such as holidays, emergencies, family events or even much needed R & R.
Our military men and women, who are willing to give so much and receive so little in return, simply need to be home with their families at certain times. The hope is to be able to help with this and relieve some of the financial burden for them so that they are able to enjoy their times at home.

I believe in God, Family and Country above all else.
Pam Matt, Director
​2 Cor. 9: 7-9
     Small but mighty....
    The vision for Helping Heroes Fly is to operate on 10% or  less administrative costs (donating time and many of the operational needs) so that at least 90% of all your donations go to purchasing airfare! The goal is to see as many troops as possible get home to their families. Relying SOLELY on donations and the occasional grant, and in order to keep costs down, the business is a home-run operation, working to provide the best flights with the easiest connections from all parts of the world, back to the United States for our troops, always being mindful of using our donors' dollars in the most efficient way.
   Please help spread the word by sharing Helping Heroes Fly's Facebook page and telling your friends about the website and organization. Perhaps you'd like to even do a fundraiser for Helping Heroes Fly! Brochures are available upon request. All help, support, encouragement and prayer is deeply appreciated! Thank you for believing in Helping Heroes Fly!

Why we do what we do!

Pam & Rich Matt

 We Thank You Veterans 

God first.  Family second.  Country third.  
These are our beliefs.  We honor God, love our families and serve the military in any way that we can.  
As parents of a U.S. Marine, we will do all that we can to give back to those who are so willing to give All for our country ~ and more importantly, our family and us.
This mission has quickly became our passion ~ to see that no enlisted military person is denied the chance to be with family at special times, and we hope to be able to fulfill as many of those requests as we possibly can.  As long as there are funds available, we will honor every request for a ticket for our very deserving troops. The dream is to never have to tell someone "No", because of a lack of funds.

*Pam - one of the original 2 founders in 2016. I have spent most of my adult life in the airline industry. I've worked for both America West Airlines and Frontier Airlines as a Customer Service Rep/Supervisor; Operations Agent and most recently a System Customer Service Manager.  I handle all of the ticket purchasing, the finances and share the responsibilty of public relations for HHF.

*Rich - after 42 years of Court Reporting for Colorado, Arizona and most recently the State of Wyoming, Rich has retired and come on board with HHF as an Assistant Director. I'm so grateful to have the help and support that he offers ~ especially in the public relations area! He has some great ideas about reaching the public and teaming up with other organizations to help spread the word about what our mission is and why we "do what we do."  I look forward to sharing all of this with him as we move this organization forward!  

*Thank you to Brian F., Army Airborne veteran who so generously made the first donation to Helping Heroes Fly.  
*Bethany made a donation in honor of her great-grandpa Larry Rumback, Army in WWII
*Joan P. made a generous donation in honor of Sgt. Tyler Matt, USMC.  
*Jim D. made a donation in honor of Sgt. Mike Davis, USMC.
*Doug & Jeanne made a donation in honor of Chief Kai Fornes, Navy
*Pamela H. - donation in honor of PvtBrett Butler and in memory of his father.
*Kristen P. - donation in honor of Pvt. Brett Butler and his family.
*Nicole S. - donation in honor of Pvt. Brett Butler and his family
*Doug & Jeanne B. - donation in honor of Robert N. Copes, Navy Pilot; father 30 yr veteran, mother 4 yr veteran (WAVE)
*Nenita H. - donation in memory of her late husband, James, U.S. Navy
*Joseph F. - donation in memory of Tom Breslin, Father in law.
*Jerry & Joan B.- donated in honor of the troops being helped via HHF.
*Judy B. - donation in honor of her brother, PFC Richard J. Vasconcellos
*David and Susan K. - memorial donation in honor of  Margaret Klein, military wife who raised her new baby alone for two years while her husband served in the Pacific during WWII ~ 1943 - 1945  
*Elaine N. - in honor of husband Don Novak, US Army Vietnam veteran
*Daniel & Staci F. - memorial donation in honor of Thomas Goltry.
*Trina A. - memorial donation in honor of  husband Kirk Anamier, Navy & Vietnam veteran.
*Gary & Anita C. - in honor of Roger Brodzik
*Ignacio A. - In honor of Sgt James Alvarado
*Phyllis A. - in memory of Scott Stephens
*Oxford's - in memory of Scott Stephens
*Baessler Homes in memory of L. Rumback
*Robert S. - in memory of Scott Stephens
*Dena P. - in memory of Scott Stephens
*Friends of the Library- in memory of Scott Stephens
*Juanita B. - in memory of Scott Stephens
*Annette H. - in memory of Scott Stephens
*Barbara L. - in honor of Pvt. Joseph Lengel, US ARMY, South Korea
*Steve C. - in honor of Danny Pryor, USMC and Mike Waters, US NAVY
* Judith R. - in memory of Robert A. Eckhardt, US ARMY

*Carolyn G. - in honor of Donn Reid

Please use this link to open the application for airfare as a download.


We will do our best to honor each request but because we rely on donors for funding, all COMPLETED  applications will be considered first .

Please note, during high travel seasons, we may need to limit the number of applications accepted per unit or base. Funds are not umlimited and we need to be able to serve all branches of the military


Mail all applications and supporting documents to:                         ​​
                           [email protected]                                              
If we don't respond within a couple of hours please contact us again.