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Please use this link to open the application for airfare as a download.


We will do our best to honor each request but because we rely on donors for funding, all COMPLETED  applications will be considered first .

Please note, during high travel seasons, we may need to limit the number of applications accepted per unit or base. Funds are not umlimited and we need to be able to serve all branches of the military


Mail all applications and supporting documents to:                         ​​
                           [email protected]                                              
If we don't respond within a couple of hours please contact us again. Sometimes applications end up in the spam folder.       





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We THANK YOU for your donations!
We LOVE to recognize and publicly THANK our donors! 

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Julio F.; Baker Team Corp.;

AUGUST: Pam M.; Paul M.; Strike Force Energy; Terri K.; Baker Team Corp; Amazon Smile Foundation; 

What your donations did this month...
YOUR generous donations purchased airfare for:

1. 01/02/18 - Soldier flying home from Korea to OH for family visit
2. 01/03/18 - Sailor will fly home from Italy for a family emergency
3. 01/05/18 - Airman in VA will fly to Puerto Rico for mother's funeral
4. 01/06/18 - Soldier will fly home to visit his family in Texas
5. 01/09/18 - Sailor flying home from CA to NC to visit family
6. 01/17/18 - Soldier will fly home from Poland for the birth of his child
7. 01/19/18 - Soldier will fly home from Korea to be with his family
8. 01/20/18 - Soldier will fly home from overseas for birth of his child
9. 01/22/18 - Airman will fly home to ME for her grandmother's funeral
10. 1/25/18 - Soldier will fly home from Poland to attend a funeral
11. 1/25/18 - Soldier will travel home to GA on reassignment
12. 1/26/18 - Soldier flying home from Poland to TX for family emergency
13. 1/26/18 - Airman flying home to NJ for family visit
14. 1/27/18 - Soldier flying home from Poland to VA for funeral
15. 1/27/18 - Soldier flying home from Poland to SC for funeral
16. 1/29/18 - Soldier will travel from TX to GA for a funeral
17. 1/31/18 - Soldier will fly from Poland to NY for family issue
18. 1/31/18 - Soldier will fly home from Poland to GA
19. 1/31/18 - Soldier will also fly home from Poland to GA 
20. 02/1/18 - Airman will travel from NV to IA to see his grandfather
21. 02/6/18 - Sailor will fly from VA to UT for a family visit
22. 2/12/18 - Soldier in TX going home to MI for funeral
23. 2/13/18 - Sailor flying to GA from CA to attend to a family matter
24. 2/13/18 - Sailor will fly home to WA from overseas to visit her family and watch her daughter compete in the state championship
25. 2/20/18 - Soldier flying home from Egypt for daughter's graduation
26. 2/23/18 - Marine flying home to TX from Japan for a funeral
27. 2/23/18 - Sailor going home to IL from CA to visit her family
28. 2/23/18 - Marine flying from CA to NY for funeral of fallen Marine
29. 2/23/18 - Marine flying from CA to NY for funeral of fallen Marine
30. 2/23/18 - Marine flying from CA to NY for funeral of fallen Marine
31. 2/23/18 - Marine flying from CA to NY for funeral of fallen Marine
32. 2/23/18 - Marine flying from CA to NY for funeral of fallen Marine
33. 2/23/18 - Marine flying from CA to NY for funeral of fallen Marine
34. 2/23/18 - Marine flying from CA to NY for funeral of fallen Marine
35. 2/28/18 - Soldier in TX going to NY for funeral of grandmother
36. 3/05/18 - Soldier going from TX to MI for a pre-deployment visit 
37. 3/12/18 - Soldier flying home to DC from Italy for family events
38. 3/14/18 - Coast Guardsman flying home to VA from LA for a funeral
39. 3/14/18 - Marine returning to base in Brazil from the U.S.
40. 3/15/18 - Soldier flying from Jordan to OK for birth of 1st child
41. 3/16/18 - Soldier flying from DC to MO for a family funeral
42. 3/16/18 - Soldier flying home to TN from HI for sibling's graduation
43. 3/23/18 - Airman flying home from Korea to TX for family visit
44. 3/30/18 - Marine flying to AZ from NC for transition out of USMC prep
45. 4/02/18 - Sailor flying home to SC from overseas for family event
46. 4/24/18 - Airman flying home from Korea to WV for a funeral
47. 4/30/18 - Soldier flying home to TN from Japan for family wedding
48. 5/01/18 - Soldier flying home to MO from NC for a funeral
49. 5/04/18 - Airman flying home to GA from AZ for a funeral
50. 5/15/18 - Soldier flying home to CA from Poland for birth of child
51. 5/16/18 - Soldier flying home from Korea to VA for family emergency
52. 5/16/18 - Airman flying home from CO to FL for family visit
53. 5/16/18 - Soldier flying home to VI from AK for family visit
54. 5/17/18 - Soldier flying home to GA from DC for funeral
55. 5/23/18 - Soldier flying home to VA from TX to visit ill father
56. 6/07/18 - Soldier flying home to MI from HI for family visit
57. 6/08/18 - Soldier flying home from Germany to CO for family visit
58. 6/15/18 - Soldier flying home from Italy to WI for family emergency
59. 7/23/18 - Soldier flying from Alaska to CO for family emergency
60. 8/01/18 - Soldier flying to Palau from WA for family funeral
61. 8/02/18 - Airman flying to AZ from AK for grandfather's funeral
62. 8/08/18 - Airman flying from So Korea to DC for sister's wedding
63. 8/09/18 - Soldier going home to TN from TX for birth of child
64. 8/10/18 - Soldier coming home to TX from Kuwait for birth of child
65. 8/14/18 - Sailor will travel from FL to Ghana for family funeral
66. 8/15/18 - Marine going home to CO from Japan, family emergency
2018 Flights Continued: